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Electric Power Generation

20-2000 kVA
3412C Generator Set
3512A Generator Set
3512A with Flexible Packagin
3512B (50 Hz) India Market Only
3512B Diesel Generator Set
3512C Generator Set
3516A Diesel Generator Set
3516B (50 Hz) India Market Only
3516B Generator Set
3516B with Flexible Packaging
3516C Generator Set
3516C Tier 4 Final
3516E High Voltage Generator Set
3516E Low Voltage Generator Set
3606 Generator Set (Medium Speed)
3608 Generator Set (Medium Speed)
3612 Generator Set (Medium Speed)
3616 Generator Set (Medium Speed)
ATC Contactor Based Bypass Isolation Automatic Transfer Switch
ATC Contactor-Based Automatic Transfer Switch
ATC Molded Case Circuit Breaker & Molded Case Switch Automatic Transfer Switch
ATC Power Breaker & Case Switch Automatic Transfer Switch
ATC Power Breaker Bypass Isolation Open/Closed Transition Automatic Transfer Switch
ATC Service Entrance Rated MCCB & Power Breaker Based ATS
C1.1 Generator Set
C1.5 Generator Set
C13 (50 Hz) India Market Only
C13 (50 Hz) China Non Road
C13 Generator Set
C15 (50 Hz) India Market Only
C15 (50 Hz) China Non Road
C15 Generator Set
C175-16 Generator Set
C175-16 Tier 4 Final
C18 (50 Hz) India Market Only
C18 Generator Set
C2.2 Generator Set
C27 Generator Set
C3.3 Generator Set
C32 (50 Hz) India Market Only
C32 Generator Set
C32 Generator Set with Upgradeable Packaging
C4.4 Generator Set
C9 Generator Set
Cat EGP Switchgear
Cat XLM Switchgear
CG132-12 Gas Generator Set
CG132-8 Gas Generator Set
CG170 Gas Generator Set
CG170-12 Gas Generator Set
CG170-20 Gas Generator Set
CG260 Gas Generator Set
CG260-16 Gas Generator Set
CTE Series Automatic Transfer Switch
CTG Series Automatic Transfer Switch
CTGSE & CTGDSE Series Service Rated Entrance Rated Automatic Transfer Switch
CTS Series Automatic Transfer Switch
CTSM and CTGM Series Manual Transfer Switches
CTX Series Automatic Transfer Switch
DG100-2 (3 Phase)
DG100-2S (Single Phase)
DG125-2 (3 Phase)
DG150-2 (3 Phase)
DG175-2 (3 phase)
DG175-2 (Single-phase)
DG200-2 (3 phase)
DG200-2S (Single-phase)
DG230-2 (3 phase)
DG230-2 (Single phase)
DG250-2 (3 phase)
DG250-2 (Single-phase)
DG275-2 (3 phase)
DG275-2 (Single-phase)
DG300-2 (3 phase)
DG300-2 (Single-phase)
DG350-2 (Single-phase)
DG400-2 (Single-phase)
DG400-2 (Three phase)
DG450-2 (Single-phase)
DG50-2 (3 Phase)
DG50-2 (Single Phase)
DG60-2 (3 Phase)
DG60-2 (Single Phase)
DG80-2 (3 Phase)
DG80-2 (Single Phase)
Emergency Transfer Load manager
Engine Generator Integrated Switchgear
Engine Paralleling and Integration Control (EPIC)
G175LG6 Gas Generator Set
G200LG6 Gas Generator Set
G230LG6 Gas Generator Set
G275LG6 Gas Generator Set
G300LG6 Gas Generator Set
G3306 Gas Generator Set
G3406 Gas Generator Set
G3412 Gas Generator Set
G3512 1000kW Gas Generator Set
G3512 750kW Gas Generator Set
G3512A Generator Set
G3512E Gas Generator Set
G3516C Gas Generator Set
G3520C Gas Generator
G3520E Gas Generator Set
G3520H Gas Generator
Gas Generator CG132
Gas Generator G3516A
Gas Generator G3516B
Gas Generator G3516E
Gas Generator G3516H
GEUG16-1 Gas Generator Set
MX150 Microprocessor Controller
MX250 Microprocessor Controller
MX350 Controller
Photovoltaic (PV) Module PVT115
Photovoltaic (PV) Module PVT117
XQ125 Rental Power

5300 W. Old Yellowstone Hwy
Casper, WY 82604
P 307.472.1000
F 307.261.4486

7819 Hutchins Drive
Cheyenne, WY 82007
P 307.638.7900
F 307.633.2525

5505 Mohan Road
Gillette, WY 82718
P 307.686.1500
F 307.686.3961

Gillette Mining
6500 Swanson Road
Gillette, WY 82718
P 307.686.2812
F 307.686.2830

Rock Springs
1940 Elk Street
Rock Springs, WY 82901
P 307.362.6500
F 307.922.5549