Heavy Mining

We know the job is tough, that’s why we have unmatched support for all your mining needs.

Wyoming Machinery Company provides technology and service to provide dramatic improvements in productivity, safety and efficiency for any type of mining operation.

Field Service

Major Structural Fabrication, Removal and Installation of components on draglines and shovels. 3 fully stocked tool vans, mobile machining equipment from 1-3/4 to 8' boring bars, portable XYZ mill, laser FARO tracker and arm, portable lifting system (9.5M pound lifting capacity, climbing jacks),with synchronous pump system, 40+ technicians, (welding, machining, and mechanical) electric motor alignment and in place commutator rotation, specialized boom chord replacement and welding services (6+ technicians), Large project planning and management for machine relocation and major outage / shutdowns, 320' of track with carts for moving heavy structures, and 

Weld Shop

2 80- Ton Overhead Cranes, 160 ton lifting capacity. 17 weld stations, 11,000 sq ft dedicated floor space, climate controlled, Plasma CNC table. 

Machine Shop

Ability to control critical path of large outages with CAT intellectual property, dedicated machining equipment and technicians. 

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