Fleet1.jpgFleet is a fully integrated mine monitoring and management system that uses technology to improve productivity and maximize commodity value. Real-time interaction with mobile field equipment allows mine management to improve machine utilization, track material movement and monitor daily production against plan.

Fleet is comprised of five capability packages, which can be purchased and configured based on a mine’s particular needs. 


Provides real-time visibility of production operations, delivers improved shovel loading performance and increases payload predictability.

Position & Material

Monitors material movement and type, alerts operators and planners of misroutes to ensure material is moved to the proper location. It also monitors machine location for the entire fleet and incorporates playback function to analyze dump movement and haul road congestion.

Assignment & Optimization

Schedules and assigns trucks, maximizes production and shovel utilization, minimizes truck wait time and manages shift changes.

Data Share

Enables Fleet to share data and information with other electronic mine management systems.


In the future, enables management of multiple Fleet-equipped mine sites from a single control center.

Each package can be utilized to improve productivity by capturing and reporting on key operational statistics. When the complete suite of packages is implemented, customers get the benefit of a robust set of tools and technologies to maximize mine operations and quickly adapt for changing mine and market conditions. Fleet is fully scalable to accommodate a growing fleet of machines or the need for additional capability and functionality.

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